Mixtape 06

Kiss my STRUT!

When the day appears dark and the future uncertain, when restrictions are bringing you down and it feels like things are getting the better of you, simply kick off those blues, slip on those shoes, and get up, step out, and STRUT. And when you do, be sure to sample some of our special-sauce sounds to put a little something in your step — a smidgen of skip, a sprig of sass, or a full sachet of swagger. One foot in front of the other. Take a listen to this month’s utter peacocking mixtape and enjoy!

WMP & Bear Grylls…

ICYMI, we wrote bespoke themes for two Bear Grylls series recently — “Bear Thrills” and “Bear &”. You’ll hear our music at the top of every episode, including this one in which Bear skydives with a parachute that was packed by his son, who was blindfolded at the time… Watch the outcome here.

Movember to remember

Four of us are fundraising for Movember this month by growing epic/delicate moustaches and doing some strutting of our own. Check out our Team page to heckle us and witness our ‘progress’, and please consider supporting us in raising money to promote men’s mental health, prevent suicide, and fight testicular cancer and prostate cancer.