Mixtape 05

Expect the unexpected

At WMP we are often asked by our clients to create pieces of music or sound design that is quirky and a little different and becomes all the more special for it. We adore a brief that is designed to set itself apart from the crowd, something that no-one else has thought of, something that puts a smile on people’s faces, especially at the moment.


Back in 2018, around this time of year, we did a project for Sainsbury’s with Class Dynamix. The conversation kicked off with “Hi there, can you possibly organise a choir of 14 school kids for next week?” ... “Why, yes, yes we most definitely can!”. We were asked to provide the sound of Sainsbury’s Christmas Choir and were immensely excited to be involved in this epic project. To be able to already have connections and contacts to organise a choir in the space of 5 days is testament to how collaborative our studios are. Watch the outcome here.

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